Yurbban Inside Out – ANDREA VIÊNTËC

Putting Andrea Vientec’s work into words is not an easy thing … hatbox, fashion designer or visual artist could define her current profession. Her fantastic workshop is located in Passatge Sert, very close to Yurbban Hotels. There you can see Andrea, day after day, sitting in front of her sewing machine and wrapped between all kinds of fabrics and fabrics. With background music or sitting in silence, the artist shapes hats and other accessories, most of them “hanging”. Her imagination is extensive as well as the materials with which she usually works. And she doesn’t work only with fabrics, but she is also comfortable with ceramics or metals. But lets her tell you her story when you approach her workshop.Until then, check below what the artist has wanted to share with us under her AV LAB platform. Thank you, Andrea, for wrapping our thoughts and our memories in such beautiful pieces. Thank you again for suggesting us this creative exercise that will let us come closer to the meditation world.

At this moment you may find yourself at a standstill or perhaps at the sweetest moment of your project, in any case, our circumstances have suddenly changed dramatically.

I think we can take advantage of this new situation to try something new.

I have been preparing my new website over the past few weeks.

Apart from the collections and the custom-made pieces, I present a platform in which I allow myself to play without commercial or functional pretensions. It is called AV LAB.

Various games are presented as a practical exercise, all of which can be applied in different disciplines.

One example is about locating a tool or routine that you sometimes apply in your work but not as much as you would like to because it is very laborious (the premise is that it is rewarding for you).Ex. In my case, techniques like freestyle embroidery take a long time so I can’t apply it to my pieces as much as I would like to.And on the other hand we incorporate techniques that we practice in our leisure time. Something that has nothing to do with our work.

Ex. In my case, I propose meditation by repeating mantras.When these two facets manifest, the results will surprise you. If you did not have practical expectations if you really came to play … new ideas will appear in your professional projects.

In my example, as a result of this game I did the following:

I prepared a couple of elaborate pieces. 2 cotton and silk turbans that I had previously dyed with natural pigments.

Once the pieces were made, I chose some mantras in Sanskrit (SO HUM; SAT CHIT ANANDA) that I chant in my meditations and embroidered the words inside the pieces.

The result is that my turbans maintain their functionality but in this exercise I have empowered them.

The relief and texture of the embroidery of the mantras help you entering the meditative state.With this game you allow your ideas to mutate, by altering and releasing them they become something new and you are allowing them to grow. I invite you to apply these and share the result. Enjoy!


Beatriz Janer