We are stronger together: Helping our community with our “Yurbban Around” initiative.

(Left to right.) Norma Galofre – Yurbban Hotels Operations Director; Llum Delás Ugarte – President of the Roure Foundation; y Javier Díaz- Yurbban Hotels Deputy Director.

At Yurbban, we believe in helping people improve their quality of life, which is why we constantly collaborate with NGOs and foundations that are dedicated to this end.

Proximity, solidarity and empathy are the basis of our “Yurbban Around” initiative, through which we look to make a positive impact in our social surroundings. For this year’s first semester we have worked closely with Fundació Roure’s sewing school and workshop. This program helps train and employ people at risk of social exclusion in Barcelona.

“Every day, more people need help in their daily lives, they need to find a space were they can grow and not only economically. We are ver happy to count with the support of the “Yurbban Around” initiative to keep developing new projects and helping people find this place.” Comments Llum Delás Ugarte, President of Roure Foundation.

To this end we have donated 0.7% of our website reservation profits from the first semester of 2023. Our initiative continues for the second half of the year in partnership with Gavina Foundation, a local NGO that works to secure equality of opportunities for the kids in the Raval neighbourhood.

This is only one of our different actions that promote a better quality of life for people in this city, from social projects to environmental initiatives and circular economy, we are strongly committed to helping our city grow.

The Yurbban Hotels team visiting the Sewing workshop at the Roure Foundation.