Ceramics as a language, Diego Sampere

Diego Sampere mixes sand and water with his hands and then molds it to give life to delicate pieces of design. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship with the current design of the hand of a young Catalan artist.

The balance between materials and design

The scenery in front of us is Diego surrounded by infinite plaster molds piled on wooden tables stained with mud. An industrial space in which this young craftsman begins, every day, a delicate production process. From creating the raw material by mixing water and sand to the removal from the ovens and varnishing the pieces one at a time. The pursuit of maximum environmental awareness based on the balance of elements and sustainability.

He defines himself as a designer and ceramist who fell in love with this craft three years ago. He was fascinated by the ceramic material, basically because it was moldable and he could give it shape through his own hands without the need for additional machinery. “I can generate all the forms I want,” he tells us, still excited. This freedom convinced him to start his project and his personal bet. “What I value and what I believe in is the return to the old crafts. To go back to how objects and dishes were made in the old days. The return to the past, “adds Diego.

Born in Barcelona in 1988, Sampere feels the city as his own. A space that brings together everything the artist needs. A cosmopolitan city where he can create his pieces and get inspired by its Mediterranean colors, its magical corners and its magnificent gastronomy. Because currently, his star products are dishes, bowls, dispensers and design pieces for some of the best restaurants in the country.